Lionbridge Freeway-Specific Translation Information

The following Lionbridge Freeway-specific information is not included in the XML file. It is sent directory to Freeway as part of the job metadata. 

Field in the Connector Sample
Project Name poReference="FW Project Name field [Test]"
PO Reference poReference="FW PO Reference field [Test]"
Special Instruction <SpecialInstruction NeedTranslation="false">FW Special Instruction field [Test]</SpecialInstruction>
Analysis Code

<AnalysisCode1 name="Analysis Codes 1 (Dept.)" value="Translation"/>

<AnalysisCode2 name="Analysis Codes 2 (Timeframe)" value="Normal"/>

<AnalysisCode3 name="Analysis Codes 3" value=""/>

A sample XML file is available here:

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