How to translate the page URL

You can translate the URL of a content page. This is the URL used to access the target page. For example, you can translate the URL of the /content/geometrixx/en/services/banking.html page into /content/geometrixx/fr/services/bancaire.html. You use the page's sling:alias property to translate the page URL. 

This is not the same as converting the URL of links within in the page (see note below). 

Note about converting links in a page: You can also translate URLs in page content. For example, you can convert the /content/en/mypage link to /content/fr/mypage. To do this, you use the Language Conversion (URL Reference) option, which is described in the Connector for AEM User Guide

To translate the page URL:

1. In AEM, open the Page Properties of the source page for editing. For example, the source page is the /content/geometrixx/en/services/banking.html page. For detailed instructions, refer to

2. In the Advanced tab, in the Alias field, enter the name of the page in the source language. For example, enter banking.

 3. In the Connector, open the Component Mapping page, and ensure that the sling:alias property is mapped. For detailed instructions, refer to:

4. Send out the page for translation.

When the page returns from translation, the alias should also be translated, and the new value should be bancaire.

5. To access this page, go to the alias URL.

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