Does the Connector support Sitecore Item Buckets?

Product: Connector for Sitecore

Version: version 3.7 and higher


Does the Connector support Sitecore Item Buckets?


Sitecore 7 introduced Item Buckets to hide content, so that when you open a Bucket it does not need to load/render the items below itself. Instead, you use a search screen to search for an item (content) within the Item Bucket.


Yes, the Connector version 3.7 and higher supports Sitecore Item Buckets:
  • In the Bulk Translation wizard, an Item Bucket is displayed as a regular folder. Selecting an Item Bucket sends out its content for translation, including hidden "bucketable" items.
  • Sending a single item in an Item Bucket for translation via a Translation Workflow works as expected.
However, Item Buckets automatically create complex structures to hold the items, which are displayed in the Bulk Translation wizard as items for translation, as shown here:

The Connector version 3.9.10 now automatically filters out item buckets (introduced in Sitecore 7.0) from items collected by the Bulk Translation wizard. However, the items within the buckets are still included in the collected items. You can change this setting in the /sitecore/system/Settings/Clay Tablet Settings folder, in the Bulk Translation section, in the Templates Excluded from Bulk Translation list, by clearing the Bucket check box. You can also configure whether to prevent the wizard from collecting Sitecore items in other templates.
The following information is relevant only to the Connector version 3.9.9 and lower:
Since the Connector cannot directly send out a list of search results, it can be difficult to find and filter out large numbers of items in an Item Bucket:
  • In the Excluding Item(s) page of the wizard, you can manually remove items in an Item Bucket, but excluding many items from a large bucket can be very tedious.
  • Alternatively, you can send out these structures along with the actual content items. Since these structures are not typically associated with a Translation Workflow, the Bulk Translation wizard automatically filters them out by default.
However, if you select the Assign Translation Workflow to items with no workflow defined? check box in the Translation Options page of the Bulk Translation wizard, the wizard prepares those structures for translation. When it discover that there is nothing to translate in the structures, it immediately assigns them Completed status, so it does not actually send them out for translation. However, these items are still displayed in the Translation Status window, alongside legitimate content items. The Connector also creates localized versions of those structures.
Using Sitecore Item Buckets can exacerbate known issues that occur when selecting many items in the Bulk Translation wizard, as described in:
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