How to send out content in fields of different types for translation

Product: Connector for Sitecore

Version: all versions


How can I send out content in fields of a specific type for translation? For example, the content of the Order numbers field (type "Name Value List") is not included in the file for translation that we receive on our end. 


You use the Field Types to be Sent For Translation parameter in a translation workflow to determine which types of fields the Connector can send out for translation when it sends an item for translation. For detailed instructions, refer to "Configuring the Translation Workflow" in the Clay Tablet Connector for Sitecore Installation and Configuration Guide.
For example, you can edit the CT3 sample workflow (or a custom workflow based on this workflow) to add the field type "Name Value List" to Field Types to be Sent For Translation.
Tip: By default, the Bulk Translation wizard uses CT3 Sample Workflow's Field Types to be Sent For Translation.
Important: A field with "Name Value List" type will be converted to a string in a certain format to send out, such as "name1=value1&name2=value2". The translator must be very careful to maintain the same format for the "Name Value List" type. Otherwise the translated value cannot be reintegrated back into Sitecore correctly.
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