Using pre-existing translations with "Use local TM"

Product: Connector for Adobe Experience Manager

Version: all versions


The Use local TM feature determines whether to check each component in the source version of a page for any content changes, and send only changed components out for translation. 

If a component was previously translated and it has not changed, then the Connector does not send it for translation again: Instead, it uses the stored translation. This feature reduces the quantity of content that the Connector sends to translation providers, which reduces your cost. However, it needs the Connector translation backup data, and it increases the Connector processing time before sending out the items for translation. 


Most of the content has already been translated into different languages without Clay Tablet, so there is no "Connector translation backup data." 

Can we create a local TM from our existing source and corresponding translations? Or would we have to have the source re-translated to create the Connector translation backup data?

Can we use our existing source and pre-existing translations to create a local TM for use with the Use local TM option?


You cannot use pre-existing translations to create a local TM. You must retranslate your source content to use the Connector to backup the data in the local TM.

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