Troubleshooting - "CT language code is misconfigured" error

Product: Connector for Sitecore

Version:all versions


When you select the target languages for translating content, the check box for a language is not available for selection, and the CT language code is misconfigured error is displayed beside it.


The Connector uses the Regional ISO code field of the language item in Sitecore to define the Connector language codes. This error occurs when the regional ISO code of a Sitecore language is not a valid Clay Tablet language code. 


You must configure the regional ISO code of a Sitecore language to match a valid Clay Tablet language code:

  1. In the Sitecore Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/System/Languages. This is where Sitecore languages are defined.
  2. Select the language that was not available for selection.
  3. In the Regional ISO Code field, enter the Connector language code from the <Delivery Package/Documents/CT3_LanguageCodes.txtfile.



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